Wordperfect updating fields

Posted by / 27-Oct-2018 16:08

Wordperfect updating fields

Word will open Word Perfect documents, and attempts to convert them to its own file format.

Sometimes Word does a good job, and other times it doesn't.

If you need to keep the fields, but you don't want to see them, you can follow these steps: If the PRIVATE fields are still visible, click on the Show/Hide tool on the toolbar.

(The one with the backwards P on it.) If the PRIVATE fields still don't disappear, you won't be able to get rid of them without deleting them.

Say, a will or a power of attorney or something similar?

If you’ve tried to make yourself a homegrown forms database, knowing that you’ll have to go in each time and fill in the variable information (name, he/she, his/her, son/daughter/children, etc.) in all (and I do mean I’m trying to create some forms for our estates and trusts attorney.

There are several places in the will, where it will say, “I leave my sons…or my wife, Mary,” for example.I’d like it to work similar to Adobe [Acrobat], where if you give the fields the same name, the text in one will automatically fill up in all of the others.I’ve read something about making each field an REF field, but I don’t understand how to do it, and I’ve tried tons of Google search results.(It all depends on the complexity of the design elements used in the original Word Perfect document.) One thing you may have noticed, however, is that many converted documents display the PRIVATE field at the beginning of the document, or in different places throughout the document.You may find this bothersome or wonder why the PRIVATE field is there.

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