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All other solutions are hacks around what Android is designed to do.

Maybe one day Android will have official support for managing services but, until then, be careful.

Or you can use an app like Autostarts to edit specifically which Intents will be sent to which apps. You can use an app like Titanium Backup or App Quarantine to complete freeze apps so that they can’t run at all. Greenify (require Android 4.0 and ROOT privilege) use a different approach called “Hibernation”, from traditional “Freezing”.

And when I press the Home button while using an app, that app usually goes into the background without exiting. What’s the solution and is stopping them always the most efficient method?Activities are usually not able to run computations in the background, so no CPU or battery is used for them.If battery life or CPU performance is your concern, you don’t need to worry about these apps!If you are running Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean, you can go into Settings, hit Applications, and manually shut down the app by tabbing over to the running apps.Alternatively you can hit the Recent Applications button and swipe them off the screen to close them.

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As mentioned above, some applications may start when they receive Intents (system events).

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