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South american dating rituals

When you read them in a class or at other times, they are very beautiful.

But when you read them in a time of pain, they are almost like a revelation, and it's like a soothing hand on you." Some Indian-Americans journey all the way back to India to immerse the ashes in the Ganges or visit many pilgrimage sites to seek blessings for the departed soul and solace for their own pain.

According to Hindu tradition and its sacred texts, only a male family member (such as a husband, father or son) can perform the last rites.

However, in some cases women have taken on this role.

Indeed, the body is not kept at home as in India but must be taken immediately to a funeral home, and the funeral services reflect Judeo-Christian ones, with mourners watching the rituals take place, while in India these are done in private.

The soul never dies and we have discarded this body because the soul is here and always will be.

When you read the verses in the Bhagavad Gita in your time of grief, they speak to you.

When the person dies, the family is in a state of grief.

To respect this, no cooking is done in the house until the cremation takes place.

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Before the body is cremated, the immediate family members put flowers on the body, rice in the mouth (as nourishment for the departed soul), and coins in the hands.

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