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Ginger dating website daily mail

Eighty percent of redheads have an MC1R gene variant, and the prevalence of these alleles is highest in Scotland and Ireland.Red hair can originate from several changes on the MC1R-gene.

The use of henna on hair and skin for various reasons occasionally occurs in Asia.When henna is used on hair it dyes the hair to different shades of red.Emigration from Europe has multiplied the population of red haired humans in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. the largest population of redheads in the world, at 6 to 18 million, compared to approximately 420,000 in Ireland and 300,000 in Scotland.Abd ar-Rahman I also had red hair, his mother being a Christian Berber slave.Red hair is also found amongst the Ashkenazi Jewish populations.

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If one of these changes is present on both chromosomes then the respective individual is likely to have red hair.