Dating a cheerleader

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You can smile for an infinite amount of time even when you are SO EFFING ANGRY. Which is kinda LOL, since you’re more like “whatever.” This is a great skill to have in the working world. You have deathly flashbacks to pre-season and how SORE your bod would be from conditioning and working so hard. Sometimes you have nightmares where you arrive to a game or competition and have forgotten an essential part of your uniform. Why did we all get on the mat and do line dances together??? When you try to watch, all the teams look the same… No you’re not all up on the latest cheer trends, but you still got it. They scream & shout until its done right, and they do it loud.7. your boyfriend told u the thing about how "if wrestlers put in as much work as cheerleaders they would be in way better shape" to make u feel good about yourself u retarded whore Ten reason not to date a cheerleader:1. so it’s a great idea to try it while in very expensive dresses on the most important day of your life, right??? You look back at the time between performing and awards at cheer competitions in confusion. Watching cheerleading on TV isn’t the same as it used to be. However cheerleading is not the same as football, so why did you say “too?

that is, if they even still fit (damn alcohol and regressing metabolisms). You find it necessary to let everyone know when you hear a song that used to be part of your cheer music. It helps you feel better about the fact that you don’t exactly have arm muscles (anymore). Either or, it’s a great way to crack your muscles because they be hurtin’. You feel a connection with former football players. Sometimes when no one is around you practice your high kicks, which may or may not be that high anymore. And then you panic and pray that you will have daughters… You love a good TV show or movie that is about and/or features cheerleading (or a cheerleader). But then you’re like NO JUST KIDDING THEY’RE OBVIOUSLY GOING TO BE CHEERLEADERS.

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Not only do you not have the time, but you don’t have the drive.