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Debt settlement is a scam, and any debt relief company that charges you before they actually settle or reduce your debt is in violation of the Federal Trade Commission.When you consolidate your debts or work with a debt settlement company, you’ll only treat the symptoms of your money problems and never get to the core of why you have issues in the first place.

Fraudulent debt settlement companies often tell customers to stop making payments on their debts and instead pay the company.We love being recognized for our top-rated member service, US-tax free shopping, and industry-leading experience and shipping expertise.But did you know My US is also the leader in saving its members money through package consolidation (or bundling, as it is also known)?But let’s be honest: Your interest rate isn’t the main problem. This specifically applies to consolidating debt through credit card balance transfers.The enticingly low interest rate is usually an introductory promotion and applies for a certain period of time only. In almost every case, you’ll have lower payments because the term of your loan is prolonged. Your goal should be to get out of debt as fast as you can!

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You’re in deep with credit cards, student loan debt and car loans.