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This prompts questions about my whereabouts and "we never see you" comments.

I've seen this girl I'm dating without her makeup and she looked like a whole other person with acne scars and freckles. I know it sounds shallow but I'm a very visual person and don't know if I can deal. Everything about holidays is reluctant and grudging. Question: Both of my parents are deceased, and my father remarried after my mother passed.

That buys you a lot of leeway when they’re older and you have an I’m-Older-So-I-Know-type opinion you think it’s important to convey.

All this being said: If you just think it’s too sexy for 17, then, probably best to see this as a stolen-horse/barn-locking-type situation.

They visit with one another at least four times a week.

I feel pressure to attend, but usually politely decline.

DEAR SEEKING: Why so much concern about public opinion of this “sort of thing”?

Why would you even want to date someone in the future who would page through your history, including the choices you’re poised to make now, and find it morally disqualifying?

Still, usually a good mom is a happy mom, and in most communities, people understand that.

DEAR CAROLYN: Re: Permission I get the feeling she wants to be able to do something that she judges/judged others for and not be judged herself.

So either she’s changed her mind, in which case she needs to stop caring if others will judge her, or she still judges others, in which case she’s a hypocrite and needs to practice what she preaches.

DEAR CAROLYN: Re: Permission She can tell friends she is dating men and taking time to get to know them before making serious plans and introducing them to her kids — a choice that seems wise.

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But this is all advice on best practices only; permission emphatically not required.